Women’s Fitness

Results You Can Expect!

Oh how I have a passion for women’s fitness!
Let me develop a program that will make you strong and healthy!

My focus will be on a healthy weight, body fat and BMI. I will also address cardiovascular stregth and endurance as well as core stability. I will make sure spine flexibity is at its maximum capability.


Personal Training
I will listen to your fitness goals and develop a plan designed just for you. I will spell out a goal map for us to follow and I will work with you to chart your progress. I know goals are important and I will help by motivating you to achieve these goals as quickly as possible.

Advanced Training
Beginner and advanced women’s fitness programs are also available. In fact, if you don’t see a program you like, let me know. I may consider it for a future session.

To get on the fast track to fitness, call me at (580) 767 – 9035 to join me now!


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