Frequently Asked Questions

Some Quick Question & Answer!

Where are you located?
I do most all of my persoal training sessions at 508 East Fresno Ponca City, OK. I also offer approved on site location training sessions as well as trail running for my clients.

What payment methods do you accept?
I accept checks, and cash.

How can I solve my billing questions?
All Sessions, whether Single Sessions or Packages are Prepaid. If you have further questions call me at (580) 767- 9035 and I will be happy to answer any other billing questions you may have.

Do you follow any privacy policy?
Yes. I will respect your privacy, and that very much includes your personal health details, and program outlines. Please read my Privacy Policy document for more information.

What are your program rates?
I offer 3 packages to meet all your fitness needs.

Single Session: $75 per session
5 Session Package: ($65 a session) – $325 per package
10 Session Package: ($55 a session) – $550 per package

What services do you provide?
I design fitness progams for all ages, males and females. I have walking and running programs, cardiovascular and strength training, flexibility and balance workouts. For the serious athlete I can help you with your first sprint triathalon or marathon.

What does a personal trainer do at your fitness studio?
I will be your certified personal trainer and I will work one-on-one with you to create a plan and adjust it as needed to help you reach your fitness goals. The training will take place in a private cardio, stregth training, or rehabilitation room. If a Health Coach session or a confidential conference is needed it will take place in the privacy of my office.

How long have you been around?
I designed my first exercise programs in 1984 at Mademoiselle Fitness (women only) and Gold’s Gym (men and women) in Mission, Ks. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Missouri in Kansas City in Health and Physical Education, 1986. I have lived in Ponca City since November 1991. I was a physical education teacher for Ponca City for eight years where I taught Kindergarten through eighth grade. In September 2008, I received an Advanced Proficiency Certification from Exercise Safety Association for Yoga Fitness Leader, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. I also became a certified Personal Trainer with the prestigious National Strenght Conditioning Association in October 2010.
My latest certification is with the fitness experts American Council of Exercise, I became a Health Coach February 2015.

What exercise machines do you have?
I have a computerized spin bike, a treadmill, stair-steppers, Elliptical, TRX suspension trainer, Bosu ball, stability ball, balance trainers, agility ladder, hurdles, free weights, Kettlebells, bands and numerous other pieces of equipment to give you a great workout!

What makes you different from other fitness centers?
I have a degree in Health and Physical Education through the University of Missouri in Kansas City. I am also certified through the prestigious National Strength and Conditioning Association. I look for the latest trends! I am up to date with the new certification of Helath Coach. I set goals and work extensively with you to meet them. I will look at five different areas of fitness for you; cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, body composition and muscular strength and endurance. I provide fitness assessments and compare your scores to the national averages. I will strive to get you lean and more fit. My edge is my educational background, my numerous certifications with three different fitness industries, and over thirty years of experience in the fitness field. And of course, my one on one service, connections with my clients.

Do you offer nutitional products?
I always encourage you to eat as clean as possible with a heavy emphasis of fruits and vegetables, high fiber, low fat and lean healthy proteins.
However, if the need arises I carry the nutritional line of Advocare products that focus on wellness, weight loss and sports performance nutrition. Visit Advocare.com/09104345, call or email me for additional information.

What are your future plans?
I plan of keeping current with my degree and my certificatons through reading articles, watching webinars or attending conferences and seminars. I recently attended the personal training conference for National Sports and Conditioning Association in Boston, and the Power Systems seminar in St. Louis.

My personal athletic accomplishments have been completing a half marathon (13.1 miles), a sprint trianthlon and three full marathons (26.2 miles). Ponca City’s marathon was in 1993 marathon and my time was 3:51. I participated in my first sprint triathalon in 2011 with a time 1:17. My most recent accomplishments was at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April 2016. I most definitely believe in setting personal goals. I will work hard with you to help you meet your goals!

To get on the fast track to fitness, call me at (580) 767- 9035 and join me now!

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